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At Joy Homestay & Guardian, we strongly believe that a safe, conducive living environment with proper guidance are crucial for students to thrive and excel throughout their learning journey.

With the aim of developing children into well-rounded individuals, our focus extends beyond the physical well-being of the child to their academic performance and character development.

The significance of a strong moral character brings many benefits as they enter their adulthood. Thus, each of our consultants put in enormous effort to develop good moral qualities into the children under our care. As every child is unique in their own way, we work closely with parents for feedback and also give them weekly updates regarding their children’s progress in Singapore.

As a leading student homestay provider in Singapore, we constantly strive to deliver affordable yet quality accommodation and homestay services for foreign students who are living in Singapore. We as, Homestay Singapore are also committed to providing the best care for them. Our houses are fully air-conditioned and well equipped with facilities such as wireless broadband, desktop computer etc to give our students a pleasant and comfortable student accommodation in Singapore.



  • Guardianship To Schools

We help your child obtain legal guardianship in Singapore, where highly experienced guardians will be appointed to nurture, support and guide your child.

  • Monitoring Ward’s Academic, Emotional And Physical Well Being

Your child’s continual holistic development is pivotal to his or her future. Support will be given to each and every child’s overall development to ensure they have a positive and healthy mindset for learning.

  • Engaging Of Tutors

As students are bound to face some difficulties in certain subjects, we will engage tutors if we observe that your child is unable to keep up with the school curriculum.

  • Home-Cooked Healthy Meals

Our cooks will prepare healthy and balanced meals to ensure your child gets the essential nutrients for healthy growth and development.

  • Accommodation With Air-Conditioning

As Singapore’s weather is hot and humid all-year round, we equip our accommodation with air-conditioning to let your child complete his or her daily tasks without having to perspire.

  • Transportation Arrangement To School

Arrangement of transport to school will be made to ensure your child’s safety.

  • Registration And Admission Procedures To Schools

We will settle the necessary administrative procedures to create a smooth transition to school for your child.

  • Attend School’s Parent / Guardian Meeting

Every parent/guardian meeting is an opportunity for us to learn more about your child’s behaviour and refine any changes towards educating and communicating with your child.

  • Student Hosting And Orientation in Singapore

Moving abroad is never easy, especially for young foreign students. Therefore, we provide student hosting in Singapore to help your child settle down with ease and get accustomed to Singapore’s environment and culture as he or she encounter changes and new experiences here.

  • Housekeeping

From room cleaning to laundry and ironing of clothes, our housekeeping services allow your child to fully concentrate on his or her studies without any distraction.

  • Wi-Fi

The Internet is a powerful source of knowledge; hence our homestays are installed with wireless internet so that your child has the means to gain valuable knowledge beyond their textbooks any time.

  • Doctor’s Visit

Your child’s health is our top priority. Should he or she feel unwell, we would seek medical advice from qualified doctors as soon as possible.

  • Weekly Outings

Weekly outings such as visiting the library, swimming and cycling will be scheduled for your child to have fun amidst his or her busy school schedules.


Student accommodation Singapore

Single Rooms

  • Single bed with common bathroom
  • Equipped with wardrobe, closets, storage beds, study table & chair
  • Housekeeping & laundry thrice a week
  • Common bathroom would be washed thrice a week

Twin-Sharing Ensuite Room

  • Twin-sharing with attached bathroom
  • Equipped with wardrobe, closets, storage beds, study table & chair
  • Housekeeping & laundry thrice a week Common bathroom would be washed thrice a week
  • Common bathroom would be washed thrice a week 

Triplet-sharing room

  • Triplet-sharing room with common & attached bathroom
  • Full-board homecooked meals
  • Equipped with wardrobe, closets, study table & chair
  • Daily housekeeping and laundry
  • On-site guardianship & supervision
  • Group tuition twice a week (included in the homestay rate)


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